Nest Rescue Center

Maseno is one of the most densely packed agricultural areas on the planet. There’s 2300 people living on each square mile and each farm is barely an acre and each acre supports an average of 9 people.  The situation in Maseno is 60% below the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s recommendation for subsistence farming purposes.

These are indeed among the world’s poorest farmers.  And from within this community arose a few subsistence-level farmers and other locals who decided to care for the increasing numbers of orphans and destitute children in the village.  Most orphans who, despite living with relatives, were underfed and unschooled.  The basic idea?  Give each child one meal a day.

A local Kenyan effort with international friends. The Academy feeds, educates, clothes and loves the orphans and destitute children of Maseno village in Western Kenya. We are the safety net. Their only hope for food and education and clothing.