Samurai Sprint Mud Run

The Samurai Sprint Mud Race was designed not only to be one of the most challenging and fun 5k mud races but also to help people get involved in a world vision to help others.  The price point is one of best values in all of mud racing. We even offer a free kids run at the end of the event for kids from 6 - 12 years old that complete a safety waiver form.

Inside everyone of us there is a warrior trying to get out. The race course was designed in such a way that people new to the event can complete the running part of the course with some light training prior to the event however, the obstacles are some of the toughest if not the toughest 5k obstacles you will undertake.  People new to the sport can build a relay style team where all participants run but the more difficult obstacles are completed by selected team members.  All relay team members must stay in a group and wait for their teammate to complete the obstacle before proceeding.  The idea is to get everyone involved exercising and pushing their personal best and release the warrior within.

There is more to this race than the competition however.  This race was designed to give back to people in need.  One such way we are doing this is to support the Nest Rescue Center, an orphanage in Kenya in need of food, clothing, and education.  We are also collecting shoes at the end of the race for Soles4Souls. Come make some memories with us on a day you won't forget.  

Challenge yourself and  Help others.