Samurai Sprint Mud Run

FREE kids Race

After the final participant heat of the race is completed a small course will be looped off and any children of the participants from the ages of 6 to 12 can try their first race. A liability waiver will be required and space is limited.  Please sign up a the registration desk on the day of arrival.  This is limited to participants children only. Parent or guardian must be present for their child to race.


The Samurai Sprint Mud Run is a 5k ninja warrior inspired race. Samurai Warriors trained in the elements to make themselves tougher. This race combines the outdoor elements, with the most challenging obstacles that won't disappoint the best competitor.   This one of a kind race allows for relay teams for those of you who are new to the sport.


Click Link Below for Race Results for the 2016 Samurai Sprint Mud Run 

Saturday - June 11th, 2016

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